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In Fall 2023, the Picardi Lab will move to the University of Idaho!
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Current Lab Members

Courtney Check, MS Student

Courtney is pursuing her MS degree at Utah State University, under the co-supervision of Dr. Tal Avgar (Biodiversity Pathways, Canada) and Dr. Garrett Street (Mississippi State University). Courtney's project focuses on competition between wild and domestic ungulates: using a combination of GPS-tracking and camera trap data, Courtney is testing a set of alternative hypotheses to identify the mechanisms driving competition between cattle and mule deer in Utah. After completing her MS, Courtney will move on to start her PhD as an NSF GRFP Fellow under the supervision of Dr. Clark Rushing at the University of Georgia! 

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Past Lab Members

Ronan Hart, MS 2022

Ronan earned his MS degree at Utah State University in 2022, under the co-supervision of Dr. Tal Avgar (Biodiversity Pathways, Canada). Ronan's project focused on the effects of anthropogenic linear features on the space use behavior of mule deer and pronghorn in Utah: using GPS-tracking data from the Utah Migration Initiative, Ronan quantified how these two sympatric ungulates are affected by roads and fences, and whether they respond more strongly to the presence of roads or the traffic on them. Ronan is now a Spatial Ecologist in Dr. Gavin Jones' lab at the University of New Mexico and the Rocky Mountain Research Station!

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